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Sunday, 01 July 2018 21:35

Membership PLANS

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Membership PLANS

Choose a PLAN that suits your Listing needs.

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What You Get:
FREE: You have NO Listing value. You need to upgrade to BASIC or higher.
BASIC: You have ONE Listing option. This could be a Business, Product, Service or Event.
SILVER: You have 5 Listings (+ 5 Images) to use as you like.
GOLD:  You have 15 Listings (+ 20 Images) to use as you like.
PREMIUM:  You have 25 Listings (+ 30 Images); Plus ONE Premium Listing.
PREMIUM+:  You have 50 Listings (+ 60 Images); Plus THREE Premium Listings.

NOTE: All PLANS list your Business into the Aba BUSINESS Directory.

* A Premium Listing guarantees that your Business, Product, Service, or Event is always visible on the Homepage; and on ALL other pages related to your chosen Category such as BUSINESS, MARKETS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES, EVENTS, SCHOOLS, HOTELS, CitySHOPS, etc. This ensures maximum visibility for your Listings on Aba BUSINESS Pages.

* Premium Listings are programmed to appear at the top of our high traffic website pages as Exclusive Business, Exclusive Products, Exclusive Services, Exclusive Events, Exclusive Hotels, Exclusive Schools, and Exclusive CitySHOPS respectively.


Some Explanations:

What is a Listing?
A Listing is simply any Item such as a Business, Product, Service, or Event entry you add into your Aba BUSINESS Pages from your Admin Dashboard .

Aba BUSINESS Pages ( allows you to make multiple listings into multiple Categories. For example, you may list under Business, or Products, or Services, or Schools, or Hotels, or CityShops, or Events, or in ALL of them. You are only limited by your Membership Plan, but you can always upgrade to a higher Plan if you need to post more Listings.

What is a Category?
Categories and sub-categories are the building blocks of Aba BUSINESS Pages. Every Listing must belong to a Category or sub-Category.

Aba BUSINESS Pages operates a nested categories system. This simply means that there is a hierarchy of Categories, sub-Categories, and then Listings.
Listings refer to entries such as business, products, services, and events, which you have listed into your membership account.

It is important to choose the appropriate Category and sub-Category for your Listing. This is necessary for you to be properly discovered in search results. Note that some Categories have sub-Categories with similar names. Be sure to choose the right sub-Category under the right Category.

Avoid uploading heavy images for your Listings as this will slow down your Page load speed; which can cause your visitors to click away from your Page.
We recommend a Slide show Listing Image size of less than 250 KB. We also recommend image dimension of 450 x 300 pixels (i.e. width 450 and height 300) at a resolution of 72 dpi. This makes for fast loading of your Pages on most devices and without loss of definition.

Feel free to contact us for assistance.

Learn more from our User Guide


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