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Build a Powerful Network for Business and Personal Success - Learn how!

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Discover the unwritten secret of Business Success with the Power of Networking: "I'd rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people, than 100% of my own efforts." J. Paul Getty.

May I start by reminding you that success in life and business is all about connecting and networking. You cannot afford to be a lone ranger on the road to wealth and success. You must gradually but consistently build a dependable network comprising of business associates, professional colleagues, moneybags and influential individuals. For success in personal and business life, you must reach-out to others. Remember, your network is your net-worth.

Make it your priority to build a dependable network of powerful friends, colleagues and business associates whom you interact with at various levels. A robust network must be inclusive of influential senior friends, professional colleagues, business associate, social peers, as well as junior friends. Just as you have senior friends to look up to, there should be junior friends who look up to you.

How to Build your Network 
If you want to meet and associate with people of wealth, power and influence, then go to where such people congregate. One such place is a place of worship. Become a member of such worship centre, and engage in activities that will bring you close to the person you wish to meet. With time, the opportunity to get closer will arise.

Another place to meet prominent people is in sports and social clubs. If the people you wish to meet regularly visit these clubs, then do whatever it takes to get closer to them. You may have to join the clubs and participate in the same games and activities in which they are interested or involved. With time, you will get the opportunity to establish personal and business contacts with them.

Another place to meet influential personalities is in top-class hotels, holiday resorts, gyms and fitness centres. Being at such places offers you the opportunity of coming in close contact with your target, and opening a decent conversation as a prelude to personal, as well as business relationships.

If you want to get noticed in your neighbourhood or community, then get involved with charitable organizations, social clubs and NGOs, especially in their fundraising, humanitarian and social activities for the benefit of the less privileged or your community. In many instances, prominent men and women are behind these activities as sponsors, patrons, supporters and facilitators. By volunteering to assist with their pet projects, you stand a good chance of meeting and knowing them, and their equally well-connected friends.

You can also meet the "movers and shakers" at high-society weddings and top-level social and political gatherings. Others places include annual general meetings of blue-chip companies, professional bodies, arts exhibitions, book launch, trade fairs, seminars, conferences and workshops.

You must consciously create superior chances of meeting and associating with the rich and powerful in society by going where they go and doing what they do. Big men play golf, play polo, fly first class, are members of top-notch fitness and recreation clubs, country clubs, tennis clubs, yachting clubs, etc. Big men populate international charitable organization such as Rotary, Lions, Inner Wheel, etc. They eat in five star hotels and restaurants, and they shop in exclusive supermarkets. 

Now that you know, may I conclude with this reminder:
Three things can change your life: the people you meet, the books you read, and the ACTIONS you take thereafter.

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© Jay Onwukwe

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