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Party after Party - Smile to the Bank as Events Planner and Management Expert!

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Many Social, Political, Cultural, Corporate and Sports events need expert planning. Both individuals and corporate bodies use Events Planners and Management experts to execute their events. For event planners, business is guaranteed…

Business Overview

You must have witnessed events and special occasions such Weddings, Birthday Parties, House Warming, Musical Concerts, Sports Competitions, Cultural Festivals, Annual General Meetings and Conferences, Political Campaigns, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, Corporate Luncheons, etc. What was your impression at the end of it all? Would you say the organizers did a good job?

Event Planning and Management Experts use their management and organizational skills to conceive, plan and execute social, business and cultural events that leave indelible impressions on the minds of attendees, while creating the best possible outcomes for their clients.

As an events planner and manager, you must work within your clients' budgets, schedules, and specifications. You have to work closely with vendors, suppliers, contractors, caterers, hoteliers, decorators, entertainers, invited guests, speakers, deejays, and public relations officials. You may also oversee logistics, parking, safety and security details at the events venue.    

In this business, you can position yourself on the local, state, national or even international stage, depending on your professionalism, competence level, business outlook, network and setup.

Who Can do this Business?

Do you have an organized mind? Do you pay attention to details? Do you relate with and motivate others? Do you have planning skills? Do you have management skills? Do you have public relations skills? Do you have negotiation skills? Are you creative? Throw in a first degree, and you're good to go!

Experience in hospitality or tourism management is an asset. Those who do well in this business are the 'peoples' man or woman kind of personality. They have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. They are fast thinkers; and have presence of mind.

Getting Started

As a beginner playing on the local scene, you can easily start this business from the comfort of your home and not worry about office rentals for 6 - 12 months. This will cut down overheads costs during this critical early stage of making yourself known, and securing your first gigs or contracts. As you find your feet, you can then operate from a well setup office and with a well thought out registered business name.

You can start as Freelance Event Manager/Planner targeting the more regular social functions in your locality, such as Weddings, Child Dedications, Send Forth, Couples Engagement, etc. With these you gain experience, fine-tune your strategy and gain some publicity mileage.

It is good strategy to acquire some basic accessories those working for you or with may need, such as public address systems, lighting systems, sound systems, and decorations. You'll do well to have your own dependable ushers, master of ceremony, comedians, photographers and deejays you can mobilize at short notice.

Local Events planning and management includes the following:
Promotions - political rallies, election campaigns, product launches or fashion shows

Celebrations - weddings, birthdays, reunions and anniversaries, etc.
Educational - seminars, graduations, prize giving, sports competitions, etc.

Commemorations such as civic events or memorials. Corporate – annual general meetings, product launch, service awards, etc. Religious – crusades, rallies, fund-raising, etc.

Tips for Success

Quality Service: Always deliver and even exceed your clients' expectations.

Honesty: Build confidence and trust in your clients by being honest and transparent in your dealings with then.

Communication: Whatever the situation, maintain an unbroken communication link with your clients. They crave to know how their events are shaping-up.

Portfolio: Create digital and hardcopy portfolios to showcase your work, experience and clientele.

Network: Use social media - Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Facebook to build relationships with prospective clients. Use your profile space on these platforms to introduce your business to friends, family and prospective clients. Building your  network of friends and associates, gaining experience, marketing and advertising your services are crucial to your events planning and management services business success.  


Event planning and management is a profitable service business because events happen every day and need to be professionally executed. Many individuals and corporate bodies use professional event managers to execute their important events. Therefore, for event planners and managers, business is guaranteed.

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Stay Smart, Wealthy and Wise! 

© Jay Onwukwe

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