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Your Personal Security Tips

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Nigeria Police on Surveillance Patrol Nigeria Police on Surveillance Patrol

Use these Personal Safety and Security Tips to protect yourself, your family and environment. Remember, Police is your friend! Learn more...

  • Inform your movement out of town only to trusted neighbours.
  • Do not board a vehicle with two or more passengers inside. They may be armed robbers or kidnappers.
  • Enter vehicles only at recognized motor parks.
  • Screen your house helps or guards before employing them.
  • While travelling long distances, anytime it gets dark, check into the nearest hotel and continue the next day.
  • Do not open the door of your house to unknown persons. Teach your house help and children the same.
  • Make sure there is some airtime in your mobile phones at night. You might need it to save your life or that of another.
  • Do not keep large sums of money at home. Use the banks.
  • Always ask for the identity of persons who pose as security personnel, power holding, or other utility staff, before opening your door.
  • If you notice suspicious persons tracing you, drive straight to the nearest police station.
  • Be sure to lock all doors and windows at night.
  • Provide adequate security lights in your home and business premises.
  • Remove any objects that can aid another into your house; for example ladder, table, stool, etc.
  • Screen domestic staff before employment and obtain their photographs.
  • Vary your routes to and from the bank.
  • Call any of the emergency numbers if you are not sure of any movements around your premises.

For Aba Area Command (and the whole of Abia State)


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