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Aba Markets - What to Buy and Where to Buy Cheap

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Aba Major Markets Aba Major Markets

For sure Aba got Markets! But do you know what to buy and where to buy it at the best price? Join us and discover the major markets and business hubs of Aba, the Enyimba-City. Come inside!

Ariaria International Market
Located close to the Aba - Port Harcourt express way, ARIARIA International Market is a "one stop buy all" sprawling market. With over 200,000 shops, and still counting, there is virtually nothing you cannot find to buy in Ariaria International Market Aba. This is because the so called ARIARIA International Market is actually a composite of a few other markets and business hubs within the same closely knit geo-location.

Other business hubs that make up what is the present day ARIARIA International Market include the Ehilegbu Industrial Market, the Ochendu Shoe Plaza, the Aba North Industrial Market, and other zonal units such as Samek and Trailer Park. "ARIARIA" also includes the multitude of Shops and Businesses competing for every available inch of space along Faulks Road, up to and even beyond Umule Road junction.

ARIARIA is the industrialists and resellers market, where you can buy both raw materials and finished products wholesale and cheaply, and in whatever quantity and quality you desire. At Ariaria you can have your choice products made or designed to your own exact specifications and branding.

Buyers come from all over Nigeria and West Africa sub region to buy in truck loads. Foreign businessmen buy Ariaria products in bulk, re-brand and re-sell at great profits. Whatever you want to buy, be it raw materials or finished products, at wholesale or just to pick a few choice quality items for your personal use, Ariaria is certainly the place to be.

Ngwa Road Market (aka Ahia Ohuru)
Ahia Ohuru (Ngwa Road (New) Market) is bounded in the north by School Road; in the south by Ngwa Road; in the east by East Street and in the west by Mosque Street.

Ngwa Road (Ahia Ohuru) Market is well known for both new and fairly used clothing and leather products. It is the base of Okirika business. Just like most markets in Aba, there are various other market sections selling all manner of products including ready-made clothing, stationery, meat, groceries, utensils, grains and other food items, or whatever you can think of. If your target is food items or fairly used clothing, especially Okirika (bend down boutique), come to this market. You won’t be disappointed.

Nsulu Market
Not too long ago, Nsulu (Textiles) Market was just a market for buying and selling of live animals such as goats, rams, sheep, pigs, poultry, etc. Now transformed and modernized, it harbours lots of well stocked textile and fabrics shops and businesses dealing in top quality foreign and local fabrics for interior home décor.

Nsulu Market is the home of both local and imported foreign fabrics and textiles. And right there within the market are many tailors ready to transform your purchased materials into ready to use items, with beautiful designs and superb finishing. If you’re looking to furnish your house, home or office with exquisitely designed and well-made curtains, blinds, beddings etc., Nsulu Textiles Market is the place to be.

Nsulu Market is also a hub for all sorts of packaging materials such as bottles and plastic containers of all types, sizes, volume shape and colour.  

Ekeoha Shopping Centre
As the name implies, Ekeoha Shopping Centre is where you can shop for virtually anything you want in a relatively decent and organized environment. Dominating the market space at Ekeoha Shopping Centre are various types of fashion and clothing fabrics and accessories - both local and foreign. You will find high quality grades of satin, suiting, lace, cotton, native and traditional fashion and dress materials. There are also large sections selling electronics, stationery, provisions, plastics, computers and accessories, wines and spirits, stock fish, groceries, food stuffs, etc.

Situated right inside Aba City Centre, Ekeoha Shopping Centre has the locational advantage of a town centre market. If accessibility is important to you, check out Ekeoha Shopping Centre.

Alaoji Motor Parts Market
Alaoji Motor Parts Market (including Asa-Nnentu) is a major hub east of the Niger for all types of automotive parts and accessories - both brand new and fairly used. Also within the market are highly skilled, experienced and professional auto mechanics ready to serve you. 

Strategically located along the Port Harcourt end of the Aba - Port Harcourt expressway, Alaoji Motor Parts market attracts buyers from all over the geo-political zones of south-east and south-south country. If your need is anything automotive - new or fairly used, come here!

Eziukwu Market (aka Cemetery)
Eziukwu Market popularly known as Cemetery Market is well known for items such as stockfish, provisions, furniture, electrical fittings and lightings, local crafts and food items, amongst other. It is a major depot for all sorts of foodstuff arriving from northern part of the country. This market shares boundary with the Aba Cemetery, hence the name Cemetery Market. If you want a one stop shopping experience within the town centre, come to Eziukwu (Cemetery) Market.

Within the industrial and commercial city centre of Aba are numerous City SHOPS and businesses adding value through their general or specialized products and services. These include fashion and design, computer and InfoTech, shoe shops, super stores, boutiques, business centres, cybercafés, etc. The list is inexhaustible. Some of these are featured on Aba BUSINESS Pages to help you easily identify and connect with them.

Ohabiam Electronics Market
Ohabiam Electronics Market is located along the old Aba-Port Harcourt road that joins the new Aba – Port Harcourt expressway at Alaoji Motor Parts Market. Ohabiam was specifically developed for businesses (wholesale and retail) dealing in all kinds of Electronics, components, parts and accessories, Electrical products, parts and accessories; and all types of home, electrical and electronic Appliances. If you want Electronics, go to Ohabiam.

Uratta Timber and Building Materials Market
Uratta Timber Market also known as Uratta Integrated Building Materials Market is strategically located along the Aba - Port Harcourt expressway, close to the Uratta Road junction. At Uratta Timber Market you can buy all your building and construction needs – new or fairly used. Both imported and local materials are available to satisfy your quality and quantity needs. If your need is timber, woodwork, rods, tiles, ceramics, aluminium, steel plates, glass sheets, roofing sheets and accessories, construction and site equipment, etc, come to Uratta Timber and Building Materials Market.  For building and construction materials, URATTA is your final bus stop.

Ehere Modern Market (Ogbor Hill)
Ehere Market also known as the Ehere Modern Market and located on the Ogbor Hill axis of Enyimba City, is one of the recently modernized and upgraded markets in Aba - by the Abia State Government.

Ehere Market is a full-fledged functional market where you can purchase a whole range of products including groceries, food items, clothing, textile, fashion, building materials, and whole lot of other general products. The construction and building materials section of Ehere Modern Market is very rich and cheap.

If you if your location is around Ogbor Hill or you reside around the eastern flank of Aba town, or you are approaching Aba from Akwa Ibom or Cross River States, Ehere Modern Market is your better option.

Please use the comment box to ask questions, make suggestions and share your views, and we’ll do well to incorporate them in our next update.

Now explore Aba Markets!


© Jay Onwukwe

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