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The ONE Secret That Grows Your Ministry Business!

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As a Minister of God, you are the leader of your congregation. To lead effectively, you must know and apply this ONE Principle. Great leaders, great pastors, and great ministers of God, all use this powerful principle. Find out!

You must first touch people’s hearts before you can effectively ask for their hands. In other words, the Heart (emotion) comes before the Head (logic). Find out how to grow your Ministry using the leadership "Law of Connection".

The Law of Connection says: You cannot move people to action unless you first move them with emotion.

To great leaders, great pastors, and great ministers of God, this powerful principle is second nature. They use it almost instinctively, and it pays great dividends. Jesus himself used it to gather his disciples. He first appealed to their emotions before making them fishers of men.

As a leader, you must be able to connect. The stronger the relationship between you and your congregation the more likely they will follow and support you. And when a large congregation supports you, you know what that means!

Now that you know what the law of connection is all about, how do you connect with your group, your congregation, your followers or your audience?

Remember that people don't really care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Show them that you really care, and they cannot help but love and support you. So if you want to connect, do the following simple things, to the best of your ability:

Tell stories, give illustrations, make fun of yourself, share your mistakes, and even your embarrassing moments. Create laughter, and show them you're human, just like them.

Know their favorite Names and do well to always call them by that. Do your best to pronounce their names correctly.

Give them your ears. Listen to them, then advise them, counsel them, console them, show empathy, etc.

Be genuinely interested in your congregation. Ask direct personal questions, find out how they are doing. Privately encourage and uplift them with the "WORD". Show them you genuinely care.

Appreciate them, and let them know you do! 

Pray for them, and let them know you do.

If you want your congregation to follow and support you to the end of the world, then you must not only connect, you must also relate with them. And to do that effectively, you must prepare yourself. How do you prepare yourself?

  1. Be Yourself - Connect with yourself, know who you are, and your motivation for doing what you do. If you don't know who you are and where you want to lead your followers, then work on that first.
  2. Be Confident - Believe in yourself and your ability to lead. Your confidence level is revealed in your dress mode, your dress code, your smile, your voice, your pitch, your carriage, your body language, etc. 
  3. Be Authentic - Be sincere, be genuine, down to earth, in your talks, comments and compliments.
  4. Know your Congregation - their names, their needs, their aspirations, their homes, their businesses, etc. Show genuine interest in your followers.
  5. Do what you preach. Live by example. Live your message. Establish your credibility by walking your talk. You don't say one thing and do the opposite. That is a sure route to disaster. Remember, we are watching you!
  6. Develop effective Communication Skills. Deliver at the level of your audience - consider their background, education, culture, exposure and adapt accordingly. Talk to them from the heart. That way they’re sure to appreciate your messages.
  7. Focus on your Audience, not on yourself. Even if you think it is necessary to market yourself, do not over do it. When your focus is your audience, you will surely connect, you will make impact and you will achieve results. Remember, it is ALL about them, not you!
  8. Believe in them! Don't just sermonize because you have something valuable to share. Teach because you believe what you share can change your congregation for the better; stimulating, motivating, inspiring and moving them up to the next spiritual level in their lives.
  9. Give them direction, but more importantly, give them HOPE! Great preachers don't just give direction; they give Hope of a better future to their flock.

Your level of success in the Ministry business depends on your possession of the following personal attributes, or any combination of them. You must be talented; trained; anointed; and updated.

 Talented - Know, nurture and deploy your natural abilities and creative energy.

 Trained - Training will enhance and optimize your talents and abilities.

 Anointed - Let Spirit truly take You over, and make you His channel of Blessings to Humanity.

 Updated - Update yourself with current happenings. To be in the Flow, you must be in the Know.


If you're not informed you become deformed

If you're not inspired you can become expired

If you're not in the know you cannot be in the flow

If you're not updated, you become outdated

In conclusion, remember that nobody follows a stationary vehicle. Your congregation follows you only because you are always a step ahead. You lead and they follow because you know things they don't know yet. The moment you slack, they will catch up with you! If you don't update, they will overtake you; and before you know it, you'll become a follower, not the leader. Therefore to secure your leadership status, you must constantly innovate, update, re-create and re-package yourself and your ministry business.

If you're not already doing so, then quickly put these principles into practice in your Ministry business, and watch your influence upon your congregation explode. As you do so, you shall surely be blessed according to the works of thy hand. Namaste!

Stay Smart, Wealthy and Wise!


© Jay Onwukwe

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