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How to Generate Simple Business Ideas for Wealth Creation

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How do you generate Money-Making IDEAS for a successful Business Start-up? Use these simple tips to generate workable ideas for Wealth Creation. Enjoy!

Ideas are the seeds of wealth creation; and in our peculiar environment full of manmade problems, it should be a lot easier to come up with simple workable business ideas (solutions to problems). Remember, problems are the genesis of many great Business Ideas and Enterprise.

♥ You can generate ideas through the powers of your mind, imagination, intuition and contemplation.

♥ Ideas do emerge from critical analysis of societal problems and needs, especially in the key basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, health, education, spirituality, mobility, communication and entertainment.

♥ Get business ideas by critically examining poor quality products and services and listening to consumer complaints. Customer complaints indicate that there is a need gap for something better; and you can position yourself to fill it.

♥ Newspapers headlines, classified and other advertisements are potential sources of inspiration for wealth creation ideas.

♥ Use self introspection to generate money making ideas. What is in your Head (Knowledge); what is in your Heart (Passion); and what is in your Hands (Talent)? Add them up and you will surely discern your own unique path to creating great wealth.

It is right there in our Minds that we create wealth to the extent that we are able to conceive and convert ideas into money. If you can cheaply provide goods or services that solve simple everyday problems for majority of the people, you can become rich.

Nigeria's population is about 200 million. Just create a single product or service that compels just one percent of this population to give you just one Naira each, and you are a already millionaire! Repeat this over and over, and you shall indeed "be blessed according to the works of thy hand".

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Stay Smart, Wealthy and Wise!

© Jay Onwukwe

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