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Phone-Call Phishing Fraud is on the Rise in Nigeria - Don't be a Victim!

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Normally, vishing and phishing are in the domain of internet fraud. But now fraudsters are using phone calls to gain access to your sensitive personal information and data resident on your phone. Don't be a Victim!

Email Phishing (and phone call vishing) is the practice of sending fraudulent communication that appears to come from a reputable source. Their goal is to steal sensitive personal data such as your credit cards, bank accounts and login information, or even to install malware on your device.

With this novel Phone Call Fraud, you receive a call from a number that looks like a foreign number. Individuals have been receiving calls from numbers such as: +375602605281, +37127913091, +37178565072, +56322553736, +37052529259, and +255901130460 (i.e. numbers starting with Country CODE +371 +375 +381, +563, +370, and +255) . These country codes represent Lativa, Belarus, Serbia, Valparaiso, Vilnius, and Tanzania.

Their technique is to ring you only once or twice and hang up. And because the phone number is foreign and unique, you are seriously tempted to call back, believing there was a network problem. And that is exactly what they want to happen! Please don't ever answer or call back!

If you make the mistake to call back, then they steal (in less than 5 seconds) your phone contact list and other sensitive personal information such as bank and credit card details that are resident on your phone or device. As for what they can do with such data, your guess is as good as mine! They want to steal your money or your identity, or both.

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Also remember never to press #90 or #09 on your phone when asked to do so by any caller. It is a fraudulent trick used by fraudsters to hijacks phones SIM Cards. If you do, they can block you, takeover your SIM Card, and make calls at your expense; and can even frame you as a criminal. Beware!

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Stay Smart, Wealthy and Wise!

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Do you know of any fraud in town? Please share it. Use the comment box below. You could be saving someone from heartbreak and sorrow!

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