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Scam Alert: Bros! Shine Your Eyes!

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Update on the latest tricks and modus operandi scammers are using to fleece unsuspecting victims of their hard earned money and other resources. Always visit Scam Alert to know the latest scams.

Scammers are at it again! This time around they use email contact to lure you to freely give them some vital information about your Bank Account. They have stepped up the game from using SMS to now using e-Mail contact.

Not too long ago, scammers would send you an SMS (short message service) informing you that your ATM Card has been deactivated due to system upgrade or BVN (bank verification number) issues. This type of scam seems not to be working very well for them again because many people are now aware and careful not to fall victim; hence their switch to e-Mail scamming.  

Their new trick now is to send you a fake e-Mail that looks authentic and as if coming from your Bank's mailing service system, informing you that you have been debited ₦2,000 as Subscription Fee for the Bank's monthly Digest Magazine (or something like that); and that the charge will continue every month until you unsubscribe or cancel.

And to unsubscribe or cancel the monthly subscription deductions from your account, you should click here (a clickable link is placed here for you to click).

Upon clicking the link, it opens another page where you are instructed to supply your Bank Details including your ATM (automated teller machine) Card information.

If you do, then that's all the information they need to be able to access and zap your account!

To stay safe do the following:

Do not panic or fume about the supposed deduction. It is not true! They just want to activate your PANIC mode so that you will hurriedly click on the link attached.

Do not click on the link to CANCEL the Magazine Subscription.

Do not reply to the e-Mail.

Simply ignore or delete the e-Mail.

You were not subscribed to any Bank Magazine.

Your account was not debited.

You still have to place a personal call to your Account Officer; or personally go to your Bank to confirm that all is well!

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