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Become Rich With Nigerian Food Export Business!

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Nigerian FOODS You can Export Nigerian FOODS You can Export

Nigerian Food Export Business offers a great opportunity for massive profits.   Many superstores and groceries in the United States and Europe eagerly await high quality food supplies from Nigeria. If you got the capital, what are you waiting for?

One out of every four Africans is a Nigerian. And not too long ago, it was difficult for Africans, and indeed Nigerians to get Nigerian food to eat while abroad. But today, it is a different story – thanks to Nigerian Food Export Business.

Nigerian food export business is simple and straight forward. All you need do is Source, Package and Export. You don't have to export everything! Just focus on the few most viable ones for your chosen market or country of export – taking into consideration availability, easy of processing, preservation, quality, packaging and shipping requirements.

What Can I Export?
Food items you can export include Yam Tubers, Plantains, Bananas, Tomatoes, Mangoes, Oranges, Pawpaw, Water Melon, Pineapples, Red Palm Oil, Onions, Cucumbers, Corn, Potatoes, Groundnut Oil, Garri, Amala, Melon Seed (egusi) , Ogbono, Pepper (red or black) , Dehydrated Vegetables (Ugu, Bitter Leaf, Water Leaf, Okazi, Utazi, Uziza) , Okra (fresh and dried) , Fish (smoked) , Crayfish, Prawns (dried) , Mushrooms, Cauliflowers, Asparagus, Carrots, Beans (White and Brown) , Kola Nuts, Bitter Kola, Coconut, etc. You can get support, information and a comprehensive exportable items list from the Nigerian Export Promotion Council in your state.

Can I do this Business?
Are you interested and passionate about food? Are you conversant with foodstuffs quality, processing and preservation? Can you relate with those jaw cracking botanical names? Are you knowledgeable about export requirements? Do you know where to get the best quality foodstuffs cheaply and in large quantities? You don't mind roaming the countryside in search of products? Are you computer literate and not shy of a little arithmetic? Then this business is for you!

How do I Get Started?
An interesting way to shorten your learning curve is to start and run your own foodstuffs shop (wholesale or retail) to acquaint yourself with the business. This will also serve as warehousing for your export business; and shock absorber in case of negative changes in commodity prices and exchange rate fluctuations. In addition:

  1. Join appropriate unions and attend seminars to learn more.
  2. Search the web for more information.
  3. Register your business, or join a registered cooperative society.
  4. Understand Pro-forma Invoice, Letter of Credit, Certificate of Incorporation, NXP forms, NEPC Registration, Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary (SPS) requirements, and when and where each is needed. A visit to the Nigerian Export Promotion Council in your state is a must.
  5. Choose your export status, export products and export market (country) .
  6. Contact prospective buyers or their agents.
  7. Process and package (labelling, product description, contents, nutritional facts, caloric value, expiry date, etc. ) your products to required/agreed standards.
  8. Ship your products to agreed destinations or receivers.

Success Tips
Knowledge: Understand the food export industry and how it operates.

Standards: Your sourcing, processing, storage and packaging must meets required standards, to avoid your products being rejected and shipped back.
Packaging: Invest on quality packaging and consumer information. These go a long way to ensure that your export products are well received.
Integrity: Avoid any form of fraud or malpractice; otherwise you won't last long in this business.

Many superstores and groceries in the United States and Europe eagerly await high quality food supplies from Nigeria.  Nigerian Food Export Business is a great opportunity for massive profits.  If you got the capital, what are you waiting for?

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Stay Smart, Wealthy and Wise!

© Jay Onwukwe

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  • Comment Link Azeez Friday, 20 November 2020 19:29 posted by Azeez

    Am a registered food producer in Nigeria, wish to be export my foods produce, but don't know how? Kindly guide on food exportation.

  • Comment Link ujoh Sunday, 02 August 2020 16:34 posted by ujoh


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    This company is where many business dealers from all over the world generate fund that backup their various businesses financially.

    I used this company to backup my cocoa beans export business each time my business is running down.

    You can visit and register with the company website here to raise the fund you need now to go into your export business.

  • Comment Link Tectono Business Review Thursday, 11 June 2020 03:34 posted by Tectono Business Review

    Hmmm!!! Folks, let us say the truth and shame the devil. Many Nigerian non-oil products exporters have been defrauded of huge amount of money in the process of exporting agricultural commodities and solid minerals to foreign countries. Do you know why? They were not trained on export operations, management, documentations and the best methods of payment in export trade. This is terrible!!! Nigerians cannot continue to lose money to foreigners in the course of export business. Exporters, would you like to keep on being scammed? Why don’t you get a practical manual that explains the stages of export trade from processing and packaging of commodities to receipt of payment by the foreign buyers? It explains export operations, export management, export documentations and methods of payment in export trade? Yes, it is a contemporary step-by-step guide to export trade. It tells all the contemporary dynamics in export trade. To get it, click on this link:




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