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Smile to the Bank with Nigerian Fashion Export Business!

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Samples of Nigerian Fashion Designs Samples of Nigerian Fashion Designs

The world is fascinated by Nigerian Fashion and Costumes. Nigerian Fashion Export Business is therefore a sure route to wealth. Many talented dressmakers at Aba - the Enyimba City, got what it takes! Start your Nigerian Fashion Export Business today!

Why is the world turning its attention towards African clothing, fashion and design? Simply because traditional African designs are unique, colourful, elegant, charming, sexy, easy and comfortable.

Nigeria is the most populous nation of Africa. The world is fascinated by Africa, its people, and culture. African fashion and design reflects African cultural and traditional values; and this singular influence largely creates the freshness, uniqueness and authenticity that make African attire attractive.

African costumes are in high demand worldwide - from big international retail outlets and fashion houses, to individual Africans in the Diaspora, the numbers are growing.

The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) offers duty-free access to USA markets for some sub-Saharan African countries, Nigeria inclusive. 

You can do this Business if:
You are imaginative and creative.

You have eyes for details and quality.
You are fashion conscious.
You love quality, style and elegance.
You have computer and graphics design skills.
You are ready to learn export documentations.
If your answer to all the above is 'Yes', then feel free to jump in, or simply help others with your skills and earn some cash!

Your Start-up Options

Nigerian Fashion export business involves selling high quality authentic Nigerian clothing, attires and costumes to foreign countries, especially Europe and USA. Just decide where to pitch your tent on this Clothing Business chain. Below are your options:

If you don't have the required capital, you can simply start by becoming a link between the garment makers and foreign buyers.

If you have what it takes, you can start by creating an online shop, display your products, market your brand, look for buyers and fulfil their orders.

If you have the financial muscles, you can source for quality fabrics, design, sow, package, warehouse and ship to your export partners.

You'll need to:

  1. Have a business plan or blueprint
  2. Do market research/analysis to choose your market/products
  3. Find an exciting, stylish, and memorable brand NAME for your products line
  4. Create your brand's logo or symbol
  5. Register your business name, brand and logo
  6. Setup your office (or work from home)
  7. Connect with foreign buyers or their agents
  8. Connect with a shipping agent (or do it yourself).

Success Tips

  1. Determine what products and countries you want to deal with
  2. Create high quality products with perfect finishing
  3. Do not economise on quality packaging
  4. Understand export business procedure and documentation
  5. Setup your webPAGE or eCommerce Shop to showcase your products and connect with buyers
  6. Create a catalogue and price list for your products
  7. Network with other producers and fashion geeks
  8. Regularly attend Fashion Shows and Events
  9. Use social media platforms to gain publicity mileage
  10. Liaise with Export Promotion Council in your state.

What You Can Export

Ready-made Garments: 
Shirts, Trousers, Children's wears, Safari suits, Safari coats, Adire batiks wears, Ankara wears, Beach wears, etc.

Textile Products: 
African Print (cotton super print), Cotton real wax, Cotton sheets, Bedspreads and Sheets, Mosquito nets, Table covers, Napkins, Pillow cases, Linens, etc.

Manufactured Products:
Cotton thread, Cotton bags and Towels, Textile fabrics, Cotton grey cloth, tapestry cloth, Cotton yarn, Absorbent cotton wool, etc.

Footwear and Leather Products:
 Leather sandals, Leather slippers, Canvas shoes, Leathers folders, Leather bags, Men and Ladies Shoes, Children shoes, Shoe soles, Belts, etc.

Canvas Products:
Canvas tents, Tarpaulins, Carpets and Rugs, School bags, Canvas shoes, etc.  


The world is fascinated by African culture and costumes. There is a steadily growing demand for African fashion products and designs worldwide. Nigerian Fashion and Clothing Export Business is a sure route to wealth. What are you waiting for? Start your Nigerian Fashion Export Business today!

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Stay Smart, Wealthy and Wise!

© Jay Onwukwe

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